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High voltage power cables

Uo/U - 26/45/52 kV; 38/66/72.5kV IEC 60840 / DIN VDE 0276-632
The single-core cables are designed for transfer and distribution of electrical power with nominal voltage Uo/U 26/45/52, 38/66/72.5 kV and frequency 50 Hz.They are suitable for fixed assembly and indoor installation, in cable ducts and conduits, over shelves and grilles in water and directly underground in ditch and outdoor under shelter.
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U to75 kV similar to IEC 60502 and IEC 60840
Al conductors • XLPE insulation • Cu screen • PVC sheath
The cables are for power supply of electrostatic filters to 75 kV. Conditions for laying - underground, in premises, in cable ducts and conduits and outdoor under shelter.
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